BPS - Bio Pharmaceutical Solutions

Training Solutions

Finding the time and the specific training required for your staff can be extremely difficult, costly and time consuming.

BPS recognises the individual need of both small and large companies and has developed training solutions that are completely designed around your needs and company goals.

BPS can provide specific learning outcomes for the individual, department or company. Courses are adapted based on the skills gap of the participants and the organisation. Our services include undertaking a needs analysis, training delivery and follow up.

The Process:

  • BPS will conduct a full needs based analysis of your company and staff training requirements.
  • An expert in the area will then consult with you directly to uncover more specific requirements and develop the course content and deliverables and can be tailored for any level of the organisation.
  • Company specific issues, policies, SOP's and terminology will all be considered, giving you the ultimate 'in-house' training experience.
  • Courses will be designed and customised to your timescales but typically run over 2-3 days. These are spaced to give participants an opportunity to implement initial training into their day to day activities and have the opportunity to discuss outcomes in subsequent training sessions.
  • Courses can be run in-house / on-site or in the comfort of an executive off site boardroom environment.
  • Training can be delivered to suit company needs but would usually involve a mix of both classroom style and detailed case studies and participation workshops.

Key Areas of Expertise:

BPS can offer services and programs across a wide range of activities aimed around the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare services industries.
These functional areas include:
  • Regulatory Affairs
    • Licence submissions and variations, Due Diligence & training, Dossier review, Safety changes to product information, SOP writing, writing patient and prescriber information.
  • Clinical Research
  • Stability Trial and Clinical Supply Logistics
  • Health Outcomes / Pricing
  • Data Management / Statistics

Training in Partnership:

BPS are committed to growing and developing the scope of these services in line with client needs. Through our growing network of consultants, our clients now have access to local knowledge and assistance for all their training needs.
In combination with our Consulting services, BPS are also able to provide the development of training programs that can be delivered by our consultants to develop specific skills gaps within our client companies around the requirement of the consultancy services provided to them.